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Our Associate Program


Thank you for expressing an interest in a career with Madril Salon. We are always looking for the right member to join our tribe and make us better.


We are a commission based salon with a multi level system so you have plenty of opportunities to advance in our company and make the money of your dreams.


There is no cap to your earning potential, and we have the structures in place to help you grow to a six figure stylist. With every level promotion your commission grows and your prices increase, resulting in making more money with less clientele.


It is our pledge to help you grow both professionally and personally.

Our Associate Program

Our associate program allows you to learn from an educator while you are growing your business behind the chair. While you are in the associate program you will receive an hourly wage or commission depending on which is more.


It is typically a 3-6 month program, but it is completely up to how fast you grow your clientele. Once you are out on the floor, you will receive continued education, one on one business and development coaching, and plenty of support from your tribe.



  • Paid Training


  • Continued Education


  • Business Coaching


  • Opportunity for Growth


  • Product Provided


  • Amazing Tribe & Culture


  • Supportive environment


  • Social Media Support


  • Great Online Presence


  • No Ceiling on Income


To participate in one of our Associate Program, first fill out the Shadow Us form on our website:




We will then email you exact days and times of our upcoming auditions. We look forward to meeting you and seeing you reach your fullest potential.


If you have any other questions, please send them to:

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