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Join Our Team

If you're ready to live your best life & love what you do everyday, Welcome!



  • Artists Who have Come Together to Help Each Other Achieve Our Personal and Professional Goals 

  • Locally Owned Company with Over Twenty Years of Experience.

  • Obsessed with Learning and Furthering Our Knowledge

  • Boise's First Lanza Healing Center

  • Interested in Helping Other's Achieve Their Goals

  • Passionate People Who Care About Others and Giving Back 

  • Coloring & Blonding Specialists

  • Individuals that Value Communication, Creativity, and Acceptance.​

  • A company that believes the Success of Each Individual is Important to the Success of the Company.


  • Provide an Amazing Experience & Environment for our Guests

  • Serve Our Community through Fundraisers and Volunteer Work

  • Attend Monthly Classes by In-house Educators and Guest Artists

  • Expand Our Skills by Traveling to Destination Trainings

  • Create a Culture of Growth, Understanding, & Teamwork

  • Celebrate All Wins Big and Small!  

  • Work together to Support and Reach Our Dreams

  • Partner with Green Circle to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

  • Supply Social Media Support and Training

  • Donate to Local and Global Charities

  • Support Personal Growth with Mentoring & Business Coaching 

  • Share Our Time and Knowledge to Help Others Grow

  • Offer a Paid Associate Program



  • Our Mission Comes First

  • Guests Are the Core of Our Business

  • Always Show Kindness, Respect, and Grace

  • Honesty and Communication are Key

  • Giving Back Makes You Feel Good

  • Anything Can Be Accomplished with Knowledge & Persistence 

  • Doing Things Together Builds Our Culture

  • Inclusivity is a Right, Not a Privilege

  • Everyone Can Make a Difference

  • Knowledge is Power

  • Helping Others Helps You Grow

  • Positivity is Contagious

  • Having a Team Means You Are Never Alone

  • Shadowing is the Best Way to See if We Are a Good Fit

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Come Work with Us

Are you new to the industry, our area, or looking for something better? We would love to talk to you about our Associate Program to help you grow your career in an environment filled with education, support, and business knowledge to truly live your wealthiest life possible. We have a separate career path for providers with more than 5+ years experience.

Please select which positions you are applying for:

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We’ll be in touch.

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