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Hi, I'm Mariyah!
Specializing in Lived in Blondes, Dimensional Color, Texturized Cuts & Bridal Hair

Mariyah is known as the salon mom and loves to be a part of other stylists' education and growth. She is passionate about helping others whether it is her guests, tribe members, friends, or family. This often translates in her encouraging her guests to try new things. Be it something as simple as adding lowlights or going for a full makeover. Mariyah is always on board for trying a new makeup look, dressing in crazy costumes, and having fun with the rest of the tribe. She also loves cooking, crafting, baking and enjoying time with her friends.



"I have worn many hats since the time I was able to have a job, but this is my favorite  by far. There is so much possibility in hair, and this is a career where I'm always growing as a professional and as a person."

When you come to see me know that my main goal is to help you achieve your goals. I provide a very thorough consultation, give feedback, and use what you tell me to provide a customized look that fits you and your goals. I truly enjoy seeing my guests and getting to know them and figuring out the best game plan for their hair goals. 

I really enjoy this career, not just for the hair, but the connection with people and just how much some extra attention and kindness can turn someone's day around. After being in the industry for close to 10 years now, I'd love to be a master stylist and educator one day to help other stylists experience the same success and growth as myself!


When I'm not at work, you can find me at home chasing around my two handsome boys, James and Dean or hanging out with my hubby.

Favorite drink: Sun Tea or Raspberry Italian Soda with Cream and Whip Cream

Favorite treat: Creme Brulee or Crumbl Cookies

Favorite color: Burgandy

My sign: Taurus/Gemini

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